Looks like it was time for a change!

The thing about revolution is it allways goes 360..

Subvert City lyrics
And it all went quiet in the city

And the wind blew down the road

Someone cried out "Subvert"

And the people all went cold

Subvert, subvert, subvert, SUBVERT

Meanwhile back in Subvert City

Someone's writing on the wall

"Fuck the government" spray-paint hero

Someone wants the state to fall

Religious dogma crucified

Ritual slaughter, no one lied

Living standards were dying morals

A state-controlled mass suicide

The dying breed of Subvert City

Crept into the underground

The state police just left them there

Blocked the holes, and gassed them down

Ten years later they emerged

Mutated minds so full of hate

Tried again to change the system

But this time round it was too late

There was no system left to change

The people ran the entire land

The subverts became politiciand

And finally got the upper hand

Meanwhile back in Subvert City

Someone's writing on the wall

"Fuck the government" spray-paint hero

But in Subvert City, it's subvert rule

Subvert, subvert, subvert, subvert

All your good is someone else's bad. It is only a point of view.

I wish the incoming administration love and luck, I wish the outgoing administration love and luck.

Late update, Chaplain Shin makes a great observation in her blog here: http://buddhistmilitarysangha.blogspot.com/2008/11/our-new-commander-in-chief.html


Uku said...


great song! Subhumans kicks ass.

Greetings from Finland. As from my personal Finnish viewpoint, I'm very glad that Obama won your presidential elections. But like you said, there's always two sides. Still, I'm very happy that Obama is your new president. And I really hope he keep his promises to help your country and to take more part in worldwide enviromental and human rights issues than Bush.

Take care,

P.S. Your picture is great! Beautiful children!

SlowZen said...

Hi Uku,

The Subhumans do kick ass!

As to politics, I am hoping my country becomes more enlightened! SOON!

Thank you for your kind words!

Barry said...

I wish love and luck to us all!


SlowZen said...

Thanks Barry!

Thanks for looking!