Matcha Matcha Man!

A good friend sent some Matcha Tea from Japan by way of Florida.

I normaly can not afford such luxeries like Matcha tea 30 grms of the cheep stuff is usualy about $12 a can, so when I get it from a friend it is a nice treat. [aside: Sencha can get pretty expensive too, especially since I developed the psychic powers of being picky!]

This new can is one of the coolest I have ever seen, it has got a two lid system common on tea containers, but instead of the internal lid being rubber or plastic it is made of the same material as the rest of the can. That just makes it look like someone cared allot. and I appreciate that.

Anyway I have just had my first cup of this new arrival, and it is coursing through my system as I type.
So here is to my benefactor, Gassho, and thank you!

Time for caffeine zen!

Thanks for looking!