Last night in the USA (for a few whiles)

This is my last night in the states for (presumably) a while.
The plan for tomorrow is to take a quick hop to Seattle and after a long layover, The family (including the dog and cat)and I will be on our (about 13 hour) way to Okinawa.

The stress level is high, and I have been grasping at the way I think things should be (getting my advance travel pay on time, my household goods shipment not being nightmarish, the pet health certificat process not being a pain in the @$$ etc) and feeling strong aversion to the way things really are which is FUBAR.

I'm not exactly sure when I will be able to get a chance to post anything, maybe from the airport in Seattle if they offer free wifi.

My oldest daughter Will have her birth day in flight! And when we land it will be the day after her birthday. Got to love that international date line eh?

Anyhow I'll update those who want to know of my whereabouts when I can OPSEC considered and all that.

Thanks to all for your support and friendship.


Mike Hinsley said...

An In-Flight birthday has to be the coolest thing of all. It sounds like an excellent way to mark the moving on from one life to a neew one.

Kyle said...

Be good to yourself and take care man.

NellaLou said...

All the best to you and your family in the new location.

Unknown said...

Safe travels. Remember to smile, it adds warmth to everything.

I hope you get to sing happy birthday mid flight! Sounds memorable.

Unknown said...

Bon Voyage! I hope You all settle in safely :) lots of time for sitting on the plane and in the terminals :X


oxeye said...

Jordan: Enjoy everything about the move. Thanks for all the inspiration from Oregon. Looking forward to more from Okinawa. Take care!

Barry said...


I hope you and your family enjoy and benefit from this new stage in your lives together.

It's a kind of "birthday" for all of you . . . another fresh and unknown world.

I hope your travels are smooth and that everyone soon settles into your new home. And I look forward to your next posts (with photos??).


Uku said...


I wish you all the best to and to your family. You're truly an inspiring fellow practitioner. Looking forward to get your "address" that I can send those damn chocolates.

Take care, my Dharma friend.


SlowZen said...

Thank you all for the well wishes! SEATAC has free wifi, but no power outlets where I'm hanging out right now.

But the all the girls and cat and dog are safe and now fed on the ground waiting for the next flight. That one will be a bit longer. Im going to surf around a bit and see what the base lodging has in the way of wifi!

Yamakoa said...

Fair winds my friend.
Thank you for all your wonderful efforts.

bowing to the east,

Thanks for looking!