Well, I signed up for Kyle's "iSangha" site. I am not one for message boards, I prefer to stand up on a soap box in my own special soapbox designated area.
But the term iSangha got the gears turning a bit.

See to me, the hipster "i" designator is all about individuality, independence, etc.
That sounds cool eh?
But a sangha and indeed buddhist practice in my view is not really into those things.
More like just the opposite; like this doctrine of "No Self," and "Interdependence" come to mind.

So, maybe a proper meeting place for the net savvy hipster buddhist would be called iSamsara.

Before we forget what that whole sangha thing was about.
a community devoted to suffering, and the end of suffering.
Or stress and the end of stress.

Samsara, is what that little "i" designator seems to be all about.
A case in point might be my iPhone. Such a handy little device. Get my mail and surf the web from virtually anywhere. On the 17th my service will terminate because I am going overseas.
Just the thought of being without my iPhone functioning, my link to simple fast and convenient communication in multiple mediums in my pocket, well, that's another of many of the facets of samsara I'm dealing with at the moment.

Today I will try and resolve an issue that may have kept my pets traveling with my family overseas. this has caused a bunch of stress for all involved. My household goods get picked up on Tuesday, I might see them all again in a month or two, or they might fall off the side of a ship.

OK, your problems might not necessarily seem like my problems, but thats what makes it iSamsara!

But the root is the same. Attachment or clinging. Maybe you have attachment to the way things were, the way things are, or the way you think they should be, doesn't matter to much. its still iSamsara until one recognizes that just about everyone is stuck on that wheal and the more "i" you have (or the more powerful that "i" is) the stickier that wheal is and the more difficult it is to find true freedom.

I write all this, because "i" am just another "i"ndependant "i"ndividual, not so sure I'm interested in yet another internet community for "iBuddhists" even as I rushed to be the first one to sign up.

I am always looking for sangha. but not so sure how much more "i" I can take.


Lauren said...

Be sure to send your new i-address. The shipping crate hasn't fallen off the boat until they tell you it has.

Ted Biringer said...

Thank you Jordan,

I can always count on you for a good dose of reality. Similar to the post on Flatbed Sutra blog:

"Zen begins with what can be described as an attitude of realism. Real freedom and real wisdom can only be actualized with an accurate understanding of the real human condition in the real world. Therefore, Zen never glosses over or minimizes the realities of the finite, limited capacities of human beings; rather, Zen insists that the limitations, inevitabilities–the realities–of life must be deeply examined, understood, and embraced."


SlowZen said...

I will send on my address when I have one, thanks!

If Zen begins with realism, what does it end with?

Ted Biringer said...

Hi Jordan,



SlowZen said...

I'd say that is not beginning or ending.

Kyle said...

Jordan - Zen ends with www.isangha.net hehehhe

You know, I was half kicking myself and half pleasuring myself over calling it iSangha. :-)

Ted Biringer said...

Hi Jordan,

You are probably right about that.

Still, I think it may be okay to think of Buddhahood as the end of Zen; for one thing, I doubt that "Buddhism" continues to exist for a fully enlightened Buddha, much less "Zen."

For another thing, it seems unlikely that I will be able to fully resolve that question for some time, especially if the saying is true, "Shakyamuni Buddha has been practicing for 2500 years, and he is only half-way there."

Happy trails my friend! And thank you for your continuing efforts to actively deepen, refine, and share the Buddha-Dharma.

Three Full Bows.


SlowZen said...

Kyle, arg... I bet you were.

Were we talking about Buddhism?

Uku said...


remember to send me your new address. Those damn chocolates are waiting to hop into postal ride, straight to you.

Take care, fellow practitioner, thank you for your inspiring efforts and commitment to practice Buddha's Way.

Thanks for looking!