Hello from Okinawa!

For those not following on twitter or facebook, we made it on time and safely and uneventfully.

The dog and cat are safe int he base kennel until we get aboard base housing.

The body is seriously confused about what time it thinks it is and what time it is relatively.
I find this a bit unpleasant.

The MEU has a wonderful sponsorship program for new-joins and the family is being really well taken care of.
Later today he is running the family about to pick up groceries and set up cell phone connections.

I have been advised to jailbreak my iphone now that I'm not under contract with AT&T due to our traveling from location to location and the ease of "just popping in a local sim card." I am a bit concerned about this and am not sure if I want to go through with that. If anyone has any advise on this I'd like to hear it.

As of now it sounds like we will get aboard base housing much faster than I originally thought.
While I am not expecting anything it was pleasant news as the wife misses the animals and they are quarantined to base and cant join us where we are staying.

I figured out how to share an ethernet connection via airport on my mac, I have no idea how I did that. Some times determination and just playing around pays off. But that effort saved me the trouble and cash of picking up another wireless router.

I had no idea how much yen coinage we had left over from the last time we were in Japan. Lots of pennies and nickels, but also quite a few ¥100 pieces too!

Time to blow up the air zafu.


Carol said...

So glad things are going better than expected rather than the other way around. As I've said, things do work out one way or another and our ability to adapt is crucial. Keep on keeping us posted. Love being able to hear from you!

Mumon K said...

I would agree re: jailbreaking the phone. I have no clue how to do that though. I will probably go to Nara in February; of course that is nowhere near you. Good luck!

Kyle said...

You do realize they eat dog in Japan!!

Either way, glad you made it. You should go check out the WW2 battlefield there, its a place I"ve always wanted to go see.

Good luck man!

Uku said...

Hey, great everything is great!

Take care!

oxeye said...

Lots of info on jailbreaking an iphone on youtube. Whether any of it is helpful, who knows.. Good luck!

Thanks for looking!