Gosh I got a day off today and seems like it has all ready pretty much been planned out for me by the wife.  

The whole family got up for sitting this morning which was nice  Until ZMI decided it would be better to get up and start kicking a playground ball around the house.  Still I was able to be pretty still throughout that.  ZMH was having a hard time though since her mother cranked up the heat and her zafu is closest to the heater, she was getting too hot and her complaining mind got the better of her.  

Got to start working on the honeydo list.  I might get a chance to start cutting some material for a Kesa today... Guess I'll se how that works out.


Dirk said...

Hi Jordan
Im still quite amazed that you children sit as long as they do!

Ive moved my sitting time to earlier in the evening as to include the family... still just me an one of the cats :)

Im a bachelor for 2 days and i have one day down and the honeydo list is the same length as yesterday. :x I hope you enjoy your day!

Gassho, Dirk

* oh! some how missed the last line about starting work on a kesa!
GL & HF!

Lauren said...

A camo' kesa perhaps?!

Yamakoa said...

Hello Jordan,

Lauren - What a great idea! A camo kesa.

On another note: I didn't know Marines used elliptical trainers! :-) JK.

Our free time is not ours and almost never free.

Take care amigo,

SlowZen said...


It took five years of invitations to get anyone to sit with me at all.

Honeydo lists are impossible to complete when the honey is around anyway. On that note, not much work has gotten don on the Kesa yet.

Thanks for your comments.


We're making four Kesas so some will be brown and some will be a sage green like the color of the background of his blog. I may do the anchors in brown on those and vice versa. So kind of cami in a way I suppose.

Also someone told me you would get something delivered before 1615 on Monday. Not sure what that was all about.


Yamakoa, Give me some time!

Thanks for looking!