At dinner last evening it was discovered by ZMH that I would be going out of town for a few days. She was really concerned about me coming back... I said something pretty unskillful. I told her that if I didn't that she would get a allot of money! Which while it is true was not exactly right speech. And thus began the waterworks... The wife bailed me out by predicting the future and telling her not to worrie and that I would come back. I have a problem in that I have difficulty saying things like that because I don't know. Speeking of "Don't know" Barry has a nice post about this over on his Oxhearding Blog. Take a second to check it out. I'll wait.

The family sat together last night, but once again only ZMH got up for the morning sitting. The bells for ending my first sitting seem to be her cue to wake up now so we ate breakfast together again. She was really good sitting this morning. She did want lap zen but somehow I dissuaded her. This morning sittings had the qualities of those funky blissful sittings that were just calm and serene. That was nice but I have learned not to expect them anymore.

I am feeling really good today. Maybe it is from listening to Ajan Bram again on the way in.

Just a quick session on the elliptical machine before hitting the shower today. Got a lot to work on before the weekend.

Oh, and I found that this is hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Are the Marines going to help you work on your Tan then?

SlowZen said...

Afraid not. I'll be stuck indoors with a bunch of other cave dwellers talking about policies and procedures and lessons on how to avoid getting myself or my boss fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

Curator said...

Ive always found it difficult to say things that I cant be 100% sure of because I dont want to inadvertently lie to some one, But its gotten me in more trouble than its saved,Its a dilemma, and I'm sure it must be harder with children...

It's good that your feeling really good,lol:)

SlowZen said...


Thanks, I think so too.

Thanks for looking!