In seeing ignorance I can become unsettled. When people make statements without examining the truth I can become Asura. Hostilities are never ended through hostilities, recognizing this as a truth, I try to remain calm, it dose not always work. Breathe, relax, and focus on the front site tip, not the target. If you focus on the target you will rarely hit it anyway. Pay attention to what you are doing and the way you are doing it, not the end state. Let others worry about that. Do what needs doing and get out of the way.

Ignorance is my friend, has been for a long time. Accepting that I am ignorant allows me to receive data in, and gain a better understanding of circumstances. If I reject my own ignorance I become hardened and inflexible, like an egg shell, I could crack easily. Soft and flexible is best.

Be well and happy,


oxeye said...

jordan - thank you for that bit of clearly stated sanity.

SlowZen said...

Thank you for your kind comments.
Take care,

Yamakoa said...

Slow your breathing. Relax all your muscles. Don't tense up. Slowly pull the trigger. Don't anticipate. There she goes. Karma in Action.

Have you ever heard of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation?

Happy Interdependance Day

SlowZen said...


I have never heard of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I somehow doubt they will lower the cost of oranges. About a $1.60 a pound here. up from $0.38 this spring.

Today we celebrate telling the most powerful nation in the world to pound sand. We should study this!
Happy Independence Day!

Thanks for looking!