Tea party

Friday evening I had the unique opportunity to enjoy the company of Margie and her students for tea.

Tea ceremony is an experience. I find my self at a loss of words to accurately describe it, but I will try.

First off everything has its place. There is nothing extra. There is a strict adherence to form, but only to be able to appreciate emptiness. Ok, there was one thing I am not sure about, what is up with the unused hand fan? I suppose it was used to mark your place/ announce your entrance, but as it was not used as a fan… I bet Margie can help me out with this… then again; maybe there is nothing to understand.

There is of course the primary players, guest and host, who form a symbiotic relationship in the tea ceremony. The whole affair is artfully choreographed in a display of appreciation. And there is a whole array of sensory data to appreciate. If you get a chance to participate or observe this phenomenon do take advantage of it. I do have one warning though be prepared for the inevitable over stimulation hangover. I find staring at a wall helps.

To learn more about the art of tea recommend you visit Margie’s blog If you are in the Portland Oregon area (Mumon & Bruce & Tina, this means you) there will be an open house July, 17, 24, 21 at the Ryokusuido Tea Room at 39th and NE Glisan. In August there will be a two week workshop in how to be a guest at a Japanese tea ceremony. Thursday August 7, 14 or August 21. 28. you can Contact Margie through her blog for more details.

Ok I got the AC plugged in, it is getting to hot outside, algae is blooming in the pond, baby ffish swimming, radish flowers blooming, salt pickles to be made.

Take care,


sweetpersimmon said...

Thank you for being our guest. Please come back again and share a bowl of tea with us.

Yamakoa said...

Hi Jordan,
Is that a picture of matcha on your post? Sure does look delicious. I hope you don't mind if I help myself to some.

I was once visiting Kyoto and was supposed to go to a tea ceremony by a sensei who came highly recommended. Unfortunately for me it was canceled. Fortunately for me now, I think I would have a much better appreciation for the ceremony now.


sweetpersimmon said...

Oh yes, Jordan the fan is to mark your place, and it is also the symbol of the guest just as the purification cloth is the symbol of the host.

SlowZen said...

Thank you, and your students, for being such gracious host(s)
And thank you again for the explanation!

Yes, it is a bowl of matcha., Enjoy!


Thanks for looking!