Friday Fish Wrap 20080620

No day by day play this week. Friday fish-wraps may too be a thing of the past.
It was a nice week of vacation, it did start off with a little friction between a couple of familiar players but it seemed to work itself out eventually. My dad had a great party and all had fun.
Kids got to ride a pony play with chickens and feed some baby goats. They also had a good time with their Cousin. I had a good time with my brother and folks too. Even Takuan got to play with some big dogs, which he seems to miss now. Came home to some wilting plants and an irritated cat that gave me an earful of complaining. It was good to have some green tea this morning. The grass needs cut, and there are a bunch of new weeds to pull. I’ll do it tomorrow.


Carol said...

Great Pictures! Thank you Jordan and Megumi for taking them! Can you send them to me, too, so I can download them?

Nice shot of Sugar! One of the best pictures we've had of her so far.

I actually did add to my post but nothing like this.

Miss you already!



SlowZen said...

Hi Mom,
I will send you along the pictures soon. The girls are already asking if they can go back to grandma's house.


Thanks for looking!