Blog Flog

Ok here are some more blogs that I think are worth checking out.

The first is a practice blog. I like these. I suppose I am some sort of zen voyeur. But this one is well written and insightful. Unfortunately there is no telling if this will last, so many of these are short lived. A lot like the discipline of regular practice for so many. It is not hat hard folks. This particular author has some green weights in his corner, so give him a read.

Then there is the angry Buddhist blog. Harry is a real bright guy who seems to have a real grasp on Gudo Nishijima’s philosophy.

Another, which may self destruct at any time, is an interesting concept blog by Mike H (formerly known as Mile Doe) A lot of interesting stuff here, definitely one to watch.
Mike is a skilled writer and has got brains in his head.

And last but not least is my Sister in laws Bead blog. She has a good first post, maybe you can all get together and convince her she needs to start selling Malas or something (and maybe give a percentage of the profits to free Burma?)

That’s it for now.
Be well and happy!


Harry said...


Thanks for the mention.

Yes, I grasp at philosophy like a drowning man clutches at straws thinking them a raft (he's a stupid drowning man... work with me here).

Sitting is certainly good though. I agree its not hard, once we train ourselves like the monkeys we are to just do it! If we can't do this much:

Bold Monkeys!!!

Are you practicing Rinzai this weather?

Regards to you and yours,


SlowZen said...


Your welcome!

Interesting analogy, maybe making straws into a raft?

Apes, not monkeys. The tail is a give away.

I am practicing Slow Zen. It appears ceaseless.

Health and happiness to you and yours.


Harry said...


A drowning man clutching at an ape thinking it a monkey.



SlowZen said...

That is a heck of a vision.


Take care,

Thanks for looking!