Friday Fish Wrap, 20080613

Friday the thirteenth, from The Great State of Texas, YEEE HAAAAW!

Ok, um, worked Saturday, Old boss had a nice cerimony and gave a good speech.

Sunday: Cut the grass, did stuff.

Monday: last workday before vacation, new boss forgot I was going on vacation, slightly stressful moment there.

Tuesday: Shopping, last minute stuff.

Wednesday: packed for the trip, picked up some snacks from Trader Joe's, we really don't go there enough, they got cool stuff there; lots of organiky foods and whatnot.

Thursday: traveling with dog and kids and wife. wife slept most of the 4 hour flight. I was a living jungle gym for the kids. Got picked up at the airport by the folks, after a long drive to the ancestral home, got to see my brother and his family for the first time in a long time. Kids are so happy to see their grandma and grandpa. Got a mom cooked meal, pot roast, my favorite, ate too much... I am really going to pay for this trip in calories. Takuan the pug seems to be getting along with the Lab and the other big dog here. he can even seem to hold his own. funny dog. I think the big dogs just don't like the sound of his high pitched bark.

Friday: woke up and drank coffee. My dad is using chicory in his coffee now. I am going without green tea for the duration of ths trip. Helped with some yard work, we went out to eat some Texas BBQ (I really over ate, but it was soooo~~~~~~~good,) then did some shopping. Found a good deal on aloes-wood incense at a asian market down here. Cool. Actualy realy hot. in Washington it was a balmy 57 degrees when we left. here on our little venture out in town I read the thermostat and it said 98.
Everyone is napping but me and the kids, guess it is time to be a human jungle gym again.

Update: also fit to wrap a dead fish in, this just in. I did not get selected for promotion. It is OK. All those who were pulling for me, thanks. Maybe next time, till then keep that chin up, I will.

All is well, all seem happy.


Anonymous said...


If you really want it then try and find out why you didn't get it this time - informally perhaps. But be warned, if you do that there is a risk they tell you something you cannot fix.


Ted Biringer said...

Hey Jordan,

If you really want such a thing, you already have such a thing.

Remember, that light at the end of the tunnel just might be....



SlowZen said...

Mike, Thanks. I have been passed over a few times now, and have called the career councilors almost each time. I have not gotten promoted due to keen competition within the community (my job field). there were 55 people being considered for two allocations. Thems the breaks.

Ted, when you don't want anything, you have everything.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Anonymous said...

I'd guess you're probably a lock for the next round of promotions. someone said not to want those good things too much.. never wanting them is impossible, so that would seem like good advice.. have fun at home with the family..

SlowZen said...

I am not so sure about a shoe in for promotion, I have heard that hope is not a method. either way I will still have to cut the grass when I get home.
I am having fun at "home" with the family,

Thanks for looking!