Apathy -> Entropy

Apathy leading to Entropy (rant, personal)

I love liberty. Which I suppose is odd. Since I also desire order. I desire for things to work the way they are intended, and for people to do the right thing without being told.

But the liberty we have today is not the same as I imagine it. Today it would seem that some people just want the liberty to be lazy. To let others do the work and thinking for them. And sometimes these people become quite indignant when they get in my crosshairs and I expect them to pull their own weight.

For a long time I thought that ignorant people were my worst enemy. This is not the case anymore. I can work with an incredible amount of ignorance as long as the person I am working with has a desire to do the right thing. But the lazy person, who expects everything done for them, and becomes indignant when they are held accountable for not pulling their load. And further becomes disrespectful when held accountable. For this person I have no sympathy or tolerance.

Liberty has to be accompanied by personal responsibility in order for it to work. And personal responsibility seems to be sorely lacking these days. So much easier to let someone else do everything for you.

Sloth and torpor are in my crosshairs now. I’ve battled them in myself and I don't always win. But I am not going to give up.

The zombie apocalypse has already started. It was brought on like a plague and the causes are many. To survive this apocalypse it will take a massive amount of effort.
And the week are already the walking dead.


Robin said...

The difference between liberty and freedom is a worthwhile koan. One suggests "I can do whatever I want;" the other, "I gotta mind the system, or it will turn on us all."

Seems most people I hear talking about "freedom" today really mean something else; they got what they got, and they don't want to have any responsibility for the common good. This has led to a tide of acid-trip logic, such as insisting that the underclasses are bullying the ruling class (which is mathematically impossible), and legalising torture in defence of "freedom" (see previous point.)

Of course, things are a lot simpler in the Navy. There, "liberty" is a very simple and concrete concept, and always cause for celebration.

Thanks for the post!


Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

Kōgen 光現 Dito-Keith said...

My friend Koji says doing what I want is slavery. I like that.

SlowZen said...

Robin, I could go down numberless asides on this subject. The one that hit me for a moment today is that even if someone does whatever they want… They are still part of the system. We have all already been assimilated.

Flyingpig, Koji sounds like a wiseguy…or a wise guy. Maybe a bit of both. But it sounds like there may be a bit of truth to what he is saying.

Thanks for looking!