Sometimes I have brief periods of time where things, for lack of a better expression, are just as they are. Of course in writing this that period of time might be over, and maybe a bit of melancholy settles in.

The chest puffs up, the neck gets tight, I am sure that I am "right."

Then the words of that old ancestor Dogen are remembered.

Soft and flexible mind.

And I reflect on my condition and say, this is not it!



Uku said...

Thank you, Jordan!

With palms together,

SlowZen said...

Your Welcome Uku,
With palms resting on my laptop, and mind in Gassho,

gniz said...

Hey Jordan, not sure if this will annoy you but feel free to delete if you dont like it. I do read your blog often so I hope you dont find this offensively spamish.


Well, today could be a big day--or maybe it will be a very dull day where nobody reads this or cares. I'm not sure I care, for that matter.

But a blog that I love to post comments on has officially stopped accepting any kind of comments, so I decided to open up a new blog to those of us who would like to continue commenting on Hardcore Zen, Brad Warner's blog where he writes about zen among other topics.

This is a lazy first post because I'm just not sure anybody gives a crap about this, including me. But maybe I'm wrong--maybe others want a space (unmoderated of course) where we can continue to post insane ramblings inspired by Brad Warner. Feel free to join me there--I have no interest in controlling or changing or moderating my blog, so we can make of it what everyone wants.

And no doubt, if enough of us gather and write things here, Brad will be reading. I don't think he can resist.

The site I have started is: http://rebloggingbradwarner.blogspot.com/



SlowZen said...

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for letting me know Brad has stopped allowing comments.

oxeye said...

Jordan: Nice post and very true. It is funny that some of us who value silence as an important teacher can't seem to shut up about why we think this is so. :) I find zen talk both fascinating and big waste of time. Heh. Take care..

MyoChi said...

Yes, sometimes they are just as they are and there is nothing to be done about that..I thought that I would become something else by practicing buddhism..but water always flows and trees always need to be rooted to grow..I have to accept my suchness..

Thanks for looking!