Dosho Port had a post recently that hit home for me.
(sorry no link, I'm e-mailing this post in so Google him)
He was talking about the Ten Oxhearding Pictures and stages along the path.

One of the things that came up was Crankiness. His description nailed it
because that is where I am. Some of the regular readers here may have
noticed before I did, but I guess I am in the process of fully realizing my
cranky nature. And of course allot those around me are fully realizing my
cranky nature as well.

So now I am examining my crankiness. Wow there are a lot of things that
make me cranky.

But my practice seems to have gone to recognizing crankiness when it arises,
looking at it and acknowledging it (Oh, I'm cranky! Or Hello crankiness,
how are you?) and identifying the source of the crankiness, and addressing
the crankiness in a constructive manner (as opposed to the ruthless manner I
habitually respond with.)

For example:

This morning we had a late day to come in to work. I was sitting on my end
of the coffee table at my laptop reading some of my morning blogs and I
noted crankiness. Not at the blogs but with my surroundings. A pile of
papers had accumulated
to one side of the laptop, and in the corner there was just a pile of what
looked like miscellaneous junk in a space that I prefer to have neat and
clean. I inhibited the desire to just toss all the offending articles into
the trash can. Carefully sorted through it. Put stuff away and tossed only
what needed to be tossed, organized the stuff that was rightly there and
made the area presentable. Sounds pretty normal eh. But after going trough
this exercise I noted that the crankiness had largely dissipated. That is
until I notices the toothpaste splatter on the bathroom wall next to the
sink. Oh well, more opportunities for practice.

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