I got a taste of that good ole dissatisfaction this morning.

Got a good look at my thought process too.

The situation was that I had a mission to accomplish which requires two
people and I did not have a qualified assistant on hand. Enter

Then I continued down that road thinking ah at my next command I will have a
whole squad of qualified people sitting right outside my hatch.

There is a saying in the Marine corps, and it might go like this in other
services too, that the two best duty stations in the world are the one you
just came from and the one you are about to go to. But it is almost never
the place you are right now.

That is exactly where I was.

Lost in the world of "it wasn't like this in the old place and it won't be
like this in the next place."

I have to think that if it is so that human beings are wired for
dissatisfaction than Marines (particularly my self) are doubly so.

There is a strong desire for perfection that courses through our veins when
it comes to our work. And rightly so I should add. If we went around all
blissed out and happy all the time I suspect we just wouldn't be the Marines
for much longer. We need the disgruntled Gunny to step in and destroy
peoples carefully built houses so that they can rebuild them into new better
and more efficient ones.

But what is most important is dealing with and appreciating the situation at
hand as it is not how I want it to be.

Hard to remember some times. But I think it is important.

Speaking of dissatisfaction; in "Other" news; Jim "Jundo" Cohen asked me to
mention this announcement for the upcoming Jukai and 100-day Ango at
Treeleaf ... of course, "ALL ONLINE".

There is an article on it here: http://www.shambhalasun.com/news/?p=4618

I know some of the readers here may not appreciate Jundo or what he does
however I have thought about this and I do think there is some merit in what
he does even if it is only for an individual to realize that what he is
doing doesn't work in his or her circumstances. On the other hand, it may
be a persons only link to a similarly minded community. This is why I pray
for his merit.

But seriously, if you are in a remote location with no teacher available
there are human beings well versed in the Buddha Dharma that you can
communicate with right here on the inter nets. But be for warned the
mileage you get from them may differ from what someone else gets. I am sure
that has something to do with what kind of driver you are or something.

That's all for now folks, tune in next time when I have the realization that
up is down and black is white! Or that if I leave my shoes out the cat
destroys them or something else.


Curator said...

I Always enjoy reading your posts, im glad to have internet access again.:)

SlowZen said...

Hey old friend,
Good to see your comment here.
Glad you have internet access once again too.

Thanks for looking!