Previously I blasted the Japan Green Tea co.,ltd for having some really awful Sencha.
While I am not recanting on this, their sencha tastes like compost they do have a product that is tasty and fit for human consumption. They sell it as Green Tea Health and Wellness- 100% high quality green tea powder -

This stuff is great for the tea lover on the go. Just put a packet of this powdered goodness in any bottle of water and you got a bottle of wonderful green tea goodness. They should realy pay me for that plug, but it is good enough to stand on its own merit.

In other news a predator came by the pond the other evening and cleaned it out pretty good. A couple of wiser goldfish must have his under some rocks because they had pulled a disappearing act. But that gave me an excuse to rescue some more feeder fish from cramped living and certain doom at the local Petsmart. After I replaced the battery on the motion sensor activated sprinkler which had died over the winter… I also at the pleading of the girls ,in song like harmony no less, picked up one small koi, which cost more than the dozen “feeder fish” put together.

But I lucked out and got some pretty colorful feeder fish. Mixtures of orange and white and red and white, Pleasant to observe. So that’s cool.

Got my vehicle registration renewal in the mail for the Lancer. I need an emissions test, which would not be a big deal accept the O2 sensor is bad which I will have to get fixed before I take it in for the test. Boo. My last Mitsubishi’s O2 sensor went bad too. I don’t think I will buy another Mitsubishi.

This has me wondering; with all their troubles any American auto makers will make a car worth driving to try and stir up some confidence in their abilities?
I mean Chrysler had some good ones but they were priced out of my league. I don’t think Chevy or ford have made anything (affordable) worth driving but trucks since the 50’s. Still it sure would be nice…


Mumon K said...

What's your opinion of Yamamotoyama "Special Occasion" Green Tea?

Me, I think it's the best green dried leafs that come in water-porous bags.

SlowZen said...

I've never tried it. That said I have only very rarely found a green tea sold in (usually a sort of plastic mesh) bags that have even been passable. So those that are are the exception to the rule and worthy of note.

Raymond said...


Interestingly enough, I can vouch for Yamamotoyama's green tea. I have tried many, many brands including more expensive ones like Sa, and nothing comes close to Yamamotoyama.

Have a good day to both of you.


SlowZen said...

Hey Raymon, I tried the SA baged tea, it seemed stale as compaired to their leaf tea. I'll keep an eye out for the Yamamotoyama "Special Occasion" Green Tea and if I find it give it a try.

Thanks for looking!