It has been a good while since I have given the flute any wholehearted practice.
I picked it up for a few moments today and played “simple melody” and it was not so pleasant to hear.

I like the flute a lot. I have a few recordings of Honkyoku and that is pretty much the only thing I have listened to consistently since 2005. But listening to it is not the same as playing it.

It is much like listening to or reading the dharma is not the same as practicing the dharma.
But we are not supposed to judge that eh’.

Sitting is easier than playing the flute for me. I can make up stories to myself about what a champion zafu squashier I am just by putting time in on the little round cushion. But putting time on the zafu is not the end all be all to the Buddha Dharma. It is what we take off the cushion that counts. While I have admittedly come a long way I still need more practice there too.

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