Mother's Day 98662

I have not called my Mom yet.   It is 0747 here as I begin to write this post.  Not much thoughts on what I have to say.  I figured I would let the fingers do the talking since this is the first post i've made from my precious Mac-book in a while.  But first, I'll get another cup of tea...

OK, I'm back.  Of course there is another mother here.   She is sleeping in.  I don't know how often she does this since I am usually at work by this time of day.  I have fed the kids already.  
Speaking of that My appetite has been going down lately.  Not sure what Is up with that.  
I suppose it is just my body self regulating since I have not been getting enough exercise lately.

Any way, I'm going to call my Mom down in Texas.  I count myself lucky to be able to do so.  


oxeye said...

I had an old friend commit suicide last week. She had her first child about 8 years ago in a second marriage after a childless first.
Her first marriage was all about parties and travel and having fun.

Then after a recovery period, she remarried and became pregnant, gave birth to a boy and became impossibly happy. Her life became wrapped up in her child's. They were always together.

Her mother told me at her funeral that he had been smart, smarter than his mom had been.. He died of brain cancer about three years ago. My friend had said at his funeral that all she wanted now was to die. She told her mother that she would give it three years. She waited almost exactly three years before she killed herself.

I keep thinking what a waste it all was. It is maddening. How she was such a wonderful person, how it should have been different somehow. But I can't see how really, looking back at her life. Nothing could have ever been any different at all.

SlowZen said...

Your right, things can never be diffrent than how they have happened. While historians try to make that so, reality is what it is. The only thing we have influance over is just this presious moment. I hope my words are making the most of this one.

Thanks for looking!