I don't know what happened to the formatting with that last post. Sure
looks funny though. Oh the joys of e-mail blogging!

Had a real productive day at work doing equipment upgrades thanks to a
reservist making up a drill.
He is one of the most technically proficient Marines we have on the reserve
side and he is getting out.
Kind of a bummer that we seem to loose our best Marines all the time.

This morning ZMI joined ZMH and I for sitting. She immediately wanted to
use ZMH's cushion which she was attached to and so I talked her into lap Zen
instead. That seemed to work out well and she sat really still for the
whole half hour. Then we all had waffles. Joy!

My tea is stale. It tastes like some of the other teas I have had that I
have written unfavorable reviews of. So now I know that most of the tea I
don't like is not favored due to being old.

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