It was really pleasant to come home before 2000 last night. My copy of the record of Laymen Pang arrived too. (Thanks for the hint on that Yamakoa.)
I got a chance to fire up the grill and cook some short ribs... Yummy!

After dinner the weather was so nice I decided it would be a good chance to catch up on the pond. The kids (and I) would really like to be able to see the fishies swimming around in there. But the blue dye I put in there to deter airborne predators is preventing that at the moment. We did see a couple as they came towards the top and nibbled at some algae. I did do a 10% water change and also switched out the filter. I did not rinse the bio balls off since I think that you are supposed to leave all that stinky stuff on there... Still can't see the fish unless they are swimming towards the top though. Boo!

Everyone sat together for evening office, ZMI even joined me in doing prostrations. She is a quick study. Read some more TNH to the kids before going to sleep.

Morning office I conducted alone as usual and ate breakfast then woke ZMH for the second sitting. ZMI and the mom decided to sleep in this morning. ZMH was having some trouble staining awake and the last five or so minutes of sitting ended up as lap zen. Always nice to get a blast of loving kindness in the morning.

Listening to Alan Watts podcasts on the way to work. I know he gets a bad rap from some folks, but he was certainly an effective speaker.

Arriving at work I hit the gym for the first time since I got sick, it is good to be back. I am getting close to the bubble on weight so it might be time to start stepping it up a notch. (I know, I know, crossfit... sorry but I don't think that is gonna happen for me.)

Anyway I got to go count stuff and document the counting of stuff. Joy!


Lauren said...


Thanks for the pond talk. The mental images I got of koi nibbling of the water was calming.

I realized I'm probably going to get jukai and immediately have to be buddhist with a rakusu and all infront of honest to God buddhist hosting Brad as I cart him around Texas.

I many ways, I'm terrified at this prospect of embarrassing myself and Brad (though I know neither *should* be embarrassed for any mistake, but people are people when all is said and done.

There a proper thing to do before you put on your rakusu, right? A chant or something. Can you point me towards it?

Thanks, and cheers.

SlowZen said...


No Koi anymore, they all got gobbled up by a great blue heron a couple of years ago. Now I just stock the pond with the 15 cent feeder fish, which I think might be more grateful than those snobby Koi were anyway...

As far as putting on the Rakusu, this is how I do it but I am sure there are some variances from sangha to sangha.

Place the folded Rakusau on you head and place your hands palms together in front of your chest Also known as "Gassho" And recite this verse:
How great is the clothing of liberation
Formless, field of happiness, robe!
Devoutly wearing the Tathagata's teaching,
Widely I will save living beings.

Then remove the Rakusau and unfold it respectfully, bring the part with the broken pine branch (or triangle for Rinzai, star for Tendai, etc) to your lips three times. You may say homage to the Buddha. homage to the Dharma, homage to the Sangha respectively with each kiss. Than put on the Rakusau.

Best bet though is to ask you teacher how he does it, he may just take it out of the bag and put it on, if he wheres it at all!

Yamakoa said...

Hey Jordan,
Did I ever mention CROSSFIT! :-)
It is funny that you should mention crossfit. I hurt my back working out about a month ago. My ego got the better of me during that workout. I intentionally took some time away from those types of workouts to let my back heal. I had not even thought of Crossfit until I read your post.

Here is one of my favorite Layman Pang stories;

Pang was attending a reading on the Diamond Sutra. When the speaker read the phrase, No self, No other," Pang call out, "Speaker if there is no self and no other then who is lecturing and who is listening to it?"
The Lecturer was speechless.
Pang said, "I'm just a commoner, but I'll offer you my crude understanding.
The speaker said, "What is your idea?"
Pang composed the verse:
No self, no other,
Then how could there be intimate and estranged?
I advise you to cease all your lectures
They can't compare with directly seeking truth.
The Diamond Wisdom nature
Erases even a speck of dust.
"Thus I have heard," and "Thus I believe,"
Are but so many words


SlowZen said...

Hey Yamakoa,
Sounds like your doing the right thing taking time off to heal I have done similar things many times. Sometimes by choice sometimes as "Training."

As to that Laymen Pang quote, it certainly appeals to my nature... Psst don't tell that one to Ted...

Thanks for looking!