Last night the PoC and ZMH joined me for evening office, I woke at 0410 for morning office feeding the cat and letting him out. Ate some more nato before waking ZMH and the PoC. ZMH woke the wife and she sat for a few minuets. I made preparations this time by suggesting the kids grab blankets to sit with before sitting, but ZMH got a small thin shawl that she complained abot not being warm enough so I gave her my towelket that serves as my make shift kesa which seemed to satisfy. I was quite impressed by the PoC's ability to sit still. She might get a name change to ZMI if she keeps up.

I have been thinking a bit about sewing my own Kesa. Inspired largely by this guys efforts. I am not exactly sure of the measurements but I am pretty sure I can figure out what to do from this guy's Blog.

I really appreciate sitting with the family in the mornings. Since the kids have started sitting there has seemed to be increasing increments of equanimity in the house. No, not everything is perfect, girls will be girls, but I believe it is getting better all the time.


Barry said...

Such a wonderful photograph, Jordan!

Buddha enfolded in kasa. The world is complete.

SlowZen said...

Thanks Barry,

My body dressed with the robe of the field of happiness
Calmly, I possess the Universe
I stay or leave as it wishes
a pure breeze blows the white clouds

Daichi Zenji

molly said...


What a pic. It makes me smile, warmly. Thanks for your efforts, and congrats on the family sitting. Thats big.

With Metta,


p.s. And thanks for the belated birthday wish!

SlowZen said...


Glad you got a smile!

Thanks for your comments and Metta back at you!


Uku said...

Lovely, Jordan!

SlowZen said...

Thanks Uku!

Yamakoa said...

Thank you


SlowZen said...


Your welcome.

Lauren said...

Brings to mind Bohdidarma sitting in the cave for some reason. Maybe the wild hair. There's something comforting about the idea of passing on a father's mantel.

SlowZen said...

I like that too, thanks!

Thanks for looking!