ZAZEN 98662 AND WHAT DID I DO? 98662

Yesterday I was at the beck and call of the wife letting her call the shots for the day.  
Not much got accomplished.  I did manage to get some material dyed for the family Kesa project, but nothing beyond that.  

If you had not checked out the "What kind of Buddhist are you test over at tricycle, go ahead and do that now, I'll wait....  Now check out the poll on the right.

Guess who is an aversive type...  This guy.  And My wife couldn't organize the dishes in the dishwasher if the fate of the three worlds depended on it.  At least she can sew.

ZMI and the wife sat with me this morning, ZMI pulled a Rinzai again and decided to sleep.

Going shopping at the Japanese market today and also going to try and find some new running shoes.   Time to make some tea and find out what I eat for breakfast.


Yamakoa said...

Hello Jordan,

Interesting link. I was almost evenly split btwn the greedy and aversive type. I had to laugh when I read, "yeah but this isn't scientific." That kept running through my head after about the second or third question.

One deluded guy

SlowZen said...

Hey Yamakoa,
I am highly aversive with a secondary of greedy. I am working hard trying to get deluded though!

Thanks for looking!