I'm a bit worn out so this will be a quick post.  
The first kesa is cut out.  This one is going to be for one of the kids... whichever one it fits best.
I may have gotten the measurements all wrong which would be a shame.  All of the fabric used on this one is remnants from other projects so it is at least semi traditional in that sense. 
We are totally cheating on these though as they will all likely be done with a sewing machine.
That is what my Buddha nature is telling me to do I swear!

All packed up and even got an air zafu for my trip.
Not sure what kind of internet access I will have in the hotel so I may only be posting updates via twitter for the next few days.  


Barry said...

Your trip? Are you leaving us?

Ann said...

WELCOME TO THE OLD DOMINION!!! Noted how you get to VA before I get to OR. I lived in the same county as Quantico for 20 years...now I'm on the other side of the state by the mountains. Safe trip to you! ann

molly said...

Hey, nice cutting. It must have been done with GREAT presence :)

SlowZen said...

I did but I am back again.

THE OLD DOMINION makes me feel like I was in the land of Cthulhu. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Luckily I had no encounter with the minions of the old star gods while I was there.

Thanks! I am going to try and talk the wife into allowing more effort to be put into Kesa construction today... I guess I will see how that works out.

Sorry for the late responses all. I do appreciate your comments.

Thanks for looking!