Tea Pot, Zazen Bamboo?
found at Target

Since I am a fan of tea, bamboo, and ZaZen, I am quite happy to be able to get all three for the low low price of 9.99!

OK, Just in case the sarcasm did not come through…

I do not mind people using terms like “ZaZen, Buddha, Dharma, etc” To sell their products, as far as I am concerned, it might lead someone to being a more balanced . The ZaZen Bamboo Teapot was a square pot. I drink primarily sencha tea, best brewed at 140. the temp drops quickly, wich may not be high enough to sanitize the pot. I don’t wash it often, in a square pot like the ZaZen Bamboo Teapot has a tendency to collect bacteria in the corners. I don’t like food born illness. It killed some guy you may have heard of.

For a more traditional teapot for sencha, pleas see the: Tokoname Kyusu for Japanese Green Tea. I had one of these before I broke it and I got my really overly expensive non traditional bee house pot.


sweetpersimmon said...

I am a fan, too. I think I'll go check it out at target.


SlowZen said...

Hey Margie,

Resist the temptation, your stuff is way better anyway.

Thanks for stopping in.

Take care,

sweetpersimmon said...

I think it was irony in a teapot. Thanks for the plug.


SlowZen said...


You are so welcome!

Anonymous said...

too bad I was not able to get one while it was in stock, i lost out. :0(

SlowZen said...

Yeah there is nothing quite like having a teapot that does your ZaZen four you...

Thanks for looking!