Friday Fish wrap:20080524

Saturday: Got some yard work done… Re done? The spool on my weed eater ran out of string. The last bit of string shot out and hit my shin. Ouch. Went shopping, Hit the Japanese market down in Beaverton. Found a Japanese book on the Heart Sutra, with a detailed explanation of the words and their meaning…all in Japanese for Megumi. I hope it will help.

Sunday: Morning mini home retreat, Megumi actually sat with me…once: we went out again, just to try and beat to heat. Went to a garden center and did not buy anything.

Monday: The sun was out when I drove into work, which was nice.
Back at work, mountainous to-do list… where did that come from!
Took the car in for some “Routine maintenance”… My credit card hurts again. Feels like I am right back where I was before.

Tuesday: Rainy morning. Staff meeting, XO’s computer froze so we did not have to endure death by PowerPoint, Hurray! Meeting wrapped up 30 minuets faster than average! WORK! Busy busy busy afternoon!

Wednesday: Mandatory fun day. Baseball game at PGE Park with The staff. Home team won. Yay! I have not seen a baseball game in years, not since I had a mandatory fun day with RSS Milwaukee. This is the first time I have watched a baseball game sober since I was a pre-teen. It was almost interesting. I brought a book along but decided not to read it there. The final score looked more like a football score than a baseball score.

Sometimes I am forced to watch the news. Hey Mr. & Mrs. Media person. The problem with the economy is the week dollar. It is not so much prices going up; it is the value of the dollar going down. You see, when we are running out of money in this country; we just go ahead and tell the Federal Reserve to print us some more. The more you have of it, the less it is worth. Yep it even works that way with a fiat currency. Why don’t you go ahead and research why that happens and tell the nice people of America how it occurred here. (I know this is overly simplified, but really folks, do your research and get to the root of the problem) There was a time when the green back was worth more than a maple leaf (.98 to the dollar) or the yen(104 to the dollar). Even when the Japanese economy was kicking we still could get 180 yen to the dollar. Ok that was a long time ago, but that rate sure would make my tengai hat much easier to acquire. Ooooooooooo~k I just looked at the Aussie dollar, I wasn’t there that long ago and we got nearly 2 for one of ours. Today? Wednesday, May 21, 2008 1 US Dollar = 1.04424 Australian Dollar ,1 Australian Dollar (AUD) = 0.95763 US Dollar (USD)
It was 1.94 AUD to one USD in May of 2005. They say it was “Bullish” then. I feel ill.

Thursday: looks like it will be a wet and rainy holiday weekend. Ok, Maybe I will Finnish some of the flutes I was working on.

I was dragging a little this morning due to a combine assault on my bivouac area after lights out by a pair of tenacious infiltrators. Local intel suggests that the evening attack was encouraged by an excess of tickle time and piggy backs initiated by yours truly earlier in the evening.

More on the economy : This just in

Friday: Ahh, long weekend, slept in till 0630, empty house, extra ZaZen, some suiZen, some reading ahhhhh…..

Here is an interesting little bit of historical insignificance regarding zen schools: The great ancestor Kakushin, Who trained initially at a Shingon Temple, who then studied with and received the precepts from Dogen, traveled to China and was certified by Wu-men (Mumon, yeah that Mumon), was the monk who transmitted the use of the Shakuhachi as a Zen tool to Japan. Cool eh? Keep blowing!

That’s all for this week folks, come back soon!

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