Old Pond, Frog, Splash!

I found an old friend in the back yard. Then I found this nice bit of poetry.

After Basho's famous frog haiku

after basho's frog haiku
the garden pond
speaks more volume

after basho's frog haiku
every splash at the pond
eddies to the centre of my heart

after basho's frog haiku
each sight of the amphibian
the echo of a splash

Basho who revolutionises the haiku world
and became an icon after this famous poem:

old pond
a frog jumps in
the sound of water

john tiong chunghoo


oxeye said...

I can't look at an animal now without wondering what hidden talent it has.. Maybe your friend thinks poetry more beautiful than Basho's.

SlowZen said...

It is interesting that you mentioned that.
Last night as I was playing the flute,
A frog’s song joined in.

Take care,

Thanks for looking!