Friday Fish wrap

Ok back on schedule!
Still have some old projects at work that have been sitting on the shelf and need dusting off and re-energized.

Recent inflation is still causing distress.
Where is my cheese? And when I get my cheese, will it help? Short answer, not really. I have been cleared hot by the wife to cut the cable connection if it comes to that. I am still holding out. But if the situation dose not improve then, some changes will be made. So I am warning you economy! Shape up or I will take my ball and play elsewhere!

1261 days until retirement, unless I get to stick around longer that is.

Got the grass cut Wednesday, put out some weed and feed. The daikon seeds I planted earlier this spring have busted through the soil with some big green leaves.
Some wonderful tulips, bluebonnets(?) and the azalea we transplanted last summer are all in bloom. The lavender I planted in spring has yet to come up. The cherry blossom has shed its flowers, and the jasmine seems to be puttering out.

I have some plants in the pond and can occasionally see some fish. Still a lot of algae in there but the fish eat that and the pond seems pretty self sustaining. I should replace the filter soon.

Need to tend to the lawn some more over the weekend.
I plan on making some more PVC shakuhachi too. Nothing fancy, just 1.8s and whatever I can fashion from the excess. My first attempt was a little wasteful and I want to minimize that this time around.

Oh and just for kicks, today’s Horror scope:

While others are excited that Mars is entering Leo, you are less certain about the added noise. The brash planet is now in your 12th House of Secrets, making it harder for you to express yourself. Even if you know exactly where you want to go and are heading in the right direction, it's hard to make progress that others can see. Don't worry about pleasing anyone else; outer success will follow the inner work you do over the weeks ahead.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH the 12th house of secrets! Whatever.

Chopping wood, carrying water, sewing seeds, pulling weeds.


oxeye said...

I am sort of happy that I don't know what it means when mars enters leo. very happy in fact. keep after them weeds.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for cut grass.

Anonymous said...


FWIW I did actually try to email you but it was bounced so I decided to let it be. It's not important.

Other things that are self-evident don't need to be said.

Take care,

SlowZen said...

Yeah, Thanks for that!

Take care,

M, that name is too ambiguous sweetheart.
I love you too!

Mike H,

You are really a smart guy. take a close look at the e-mail address and figure it out. It is not a koan. Insert expletive here.

sweetpersimmon said...

When I was younger, my dad made pull weeds for punishment, but I really got into it and did a very good job. You know, like trying to fill a well at the top of a hill with only a small begging bowl...

SlowZen said...

I really like that story,

Thanks for looking!