Song Of Freedom Breakdown, line 9,10,11

Realizing Suchness, neither self nor things exist;
in one moment cause and effect are liberated.

If anything I say is untrue
may my tongue be pulled out for countless eons.

In a single moment of direct awakening
to the Zen of Reality as a continuous presenting,
the six perfections and countless skillful means
are complete.

Line 9 sounds like a moment of being awake to reality. An old line "do not be unsure about cause and effect" comes to mind. How can one be liberated from cause and effect? This is the wrong question! How can I liberate cause and effect? This is riding the dragon itself! being totally free from names and forms. Action in the moment without a care of right or wrong, skillful or unskilful. To just DO.

Line 10 is kind of silly, I would say his tongue is still wagging and will for more eons! But I can feel the essence of this. I think of the Rifleman's Creed, "before God I swear this creed!" A forceful affirmation. At least that is how I see it.

Line 11, has some substance.

The six perfections
1. Generosity
2. Ethical discipline
3. Patience
4. Enthusiastic effort
5. Concentration
6. Wisdom

I think that these are all interconnected. I also think that these can be abused. There is skillful means in being generous that dose not equate to giving a handout, but a kick in the rear. I can become so ethically disciplined that we estrange ourselves from the people who needs us, just ask my wife! I can be overly patient and miss an opportunity to practice timely compassion. I can be overly enthusiastic and scare people away from the Dharma. I can be lost in concentration and fail to act when the moment arises. I can think I have wisdom when I do not.

However In a single moment of direct awakening in Zazen or when we take our Zazen off of the Zafu, I feel that all of theses things just might be in balance. If only for a few precious moments.

I know that you know all of this already.

I welcome comments, but I may integrate them into the commentary.

I hope that my efforts are helpful in clearing my own delusion as well as that of others,


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muddy elephant said...

"Action in the moment without a care of right or wrong, skillful or unskilful. To just DO."

--Jordan, this is something you have helped me to see.(letting go)

but, I think it this can be a slippery slope to more suffering unless accompanied by "detached wisdom (dharma)."

"I can think I have wisdom when I do not."

this is a big pitfall and I know it well.

Practicing zazen without dharma is like being a tree with no roots.

Thanks as always

Carol said...

I can't believe how much I'm learning from you!



Jordan & The Tortoise said...


Practicing zazen without dharma is like being a tree with no roots.

That is really a beautiful statement. I think though, that the Dharma is naturally inherent in everything. I know that may be a bold statement. I feel that all the teachings and all the practice is only necessary because of our becoming out of touch with (corny sounding bit here) our original self. Not that I am in touch with my original self, but I work at it.

Thank you for coming back to the interweb and sharing your comments. I do appreciate your presence.

Thank you for making this possible.


Thanks for looking!