I have flogged Mike Cross's translation efforts going on over at his blog more than a few times here, on twitter and on Facebook.  Recently he invited me to lend a hand in posting the audio files to which I quickly rogered up to.  I might do just anything for that guy apart from cross the Atlantic to go hang out in France, which I find less than appealing.  No offense to any French readers but Europe doesn't need this Marine landing on it's shores.  And I am more than ready to park my behind back in the U.S. of A. as soon as my tour over here in Okinawa is done.  But that isn't what this is about.

I would like everyone who reads this to go check out http://saundara-nanda.com/ and see the results of Mike's efforts.  I won't embarrass the guy by lavishing praises on him, but I do want to invite everyone with ears for listening, and eyes for seeing, or any combination of the two to check out Saundara-nanda and experience it for yourselves.  Oh, and you can download the podcasts from iTunes directly here.

I only ask that if you listen to it, and find it agreeable, that you recommend it to others who may have ears for hearing, or eyes for reading, or any combination of the two.  And if you find it agreeable you might consider thanking Mike for his efforts.

Semper Fi,


Robin said...

Thanks for that! I've added it to the dozen-odd teisho podcasts to which I subscribe, and am looking forward to listening.

En passant, il y a pire que la France... mais pas beaucoup.

(Because every blog comment list needs at least one Canadian.)


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SlowZen said...

Your welcome Robin, If you find them enjoyable, please follow the links to Mike's blog and thank him for his efforts.

Canada eh? I think that is in Wisconsin somewhere…

Thanks for looking!