Throughout my time in the Marines I have hated running with a passion most of the time.
But I have always enjoyed creative cadences to help diminish the pain of the run.
Lately I have been enjoying running a bit more albeit quite a bit slower than I used to even though (or maybe due too) competing demands keeping me from hitting the pavement as often as I would like.
So here are some cadences to let you hear me wine and moan.

Back in 90' though I'd have some fun.
Signed my first contract to ship in ninety-one.
More than twenty years I've been makin up these chants
Mostly now I just go off on rants.
I asked to stay for another four years
They said Guns your time is up don't give me no tears.
So I'm a short timer but I still got a pack
Doin the due and I got your back.

Freedom bird rollin down the strip.
Gunny Fountain ain't makin this trip.
Two bags full and ready to go.
One more float, won't see me no Mo(r)e.

Up in the morning b'fore the Okinawa sun.
Gonna run two miles and call it done.
One mile done and I'm ready to go
Second mile an I want some Mo(r)e
Go for three that's a P-F-T.
Time to go to work so that's enough for me.

Semper Fi


Kōgen 光現 Dito-Keith said...

Sorry to hear it Gunny. That's some BS.

Robin said...

Poet laureate of the USMC! That's more creativity than I've got when I'm under load.


Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

SlowZen said...

Pigasus, BS makes the grass greener.

Robin, If I could not function under load, I would not function at all. So it goes.

Thanks for looking!