Back Home?

Well, I have been back in Okinawa for ten days. The question mark by home is just because I don't really think of this place as "home." The more I think about it, I have been homeless for over 19 years now. I know My Mom would say I always have a home with her, and others might say home is where the heart is, or home is wherever the Marine Corps sends me etcetera, etcetera, but for me the only real home for me might just be Zazen.

I was thinking about creating a list of all the things in Okinawa that annoy me but I suppose that is an exercise similar to rubbing salt in an open wound.

What I am appreciating might be a better thing to hash over...

My Wife: She does her best to take care of me in so many ways.
And she has finally started to pay attention to the things I have been telling her for over a decade.

My Kids: They are always so excited when I get home from work. I know this won't last but I sure am enjoying it now.

Home cooked meals: Ok, maybe the competition from the ship is not so steep, but it is just nice to eat in my own kitchen.

Tea: I am pretty particular about the way I brew tea, and that is a luxury I could not reproduce on the ship.

Zazen: It is just great to be back on my cushion and not have the sounds of the ship as a constant... Ugh, I have to go back there too...

The Cat and dog: They don't ask questions and are always willing to listen to my rants.

The Bed: I don't have to climb up six feet to get into it, and if I fall out I probably won't break anything.

The door: If I walk out or in I don't have to request permission to go ashore or to come aboard. Or fall into the ocean. And I don't have a four day window in which to use it or have to wait till next month.

Windows: While I don't have the luxury of them at my office, they are at the house. And it is nice to get the natural light into the spaces.

Laundry: Wow, fresh!

The internet: I can actually read blog posts and Facebook, and get my e-mail!

The Shower: I am not constantly told to conserve water, I don't have to hold down a button to get water, and I can get the temperature "Just right" and don't have to worry about it being scalding hot or hypothermia inducing cold.

Clean Toilets: 'nough said.

Physical Training: I am not restricted in what times I can go out for a run due to flight quarters.

In other Physical Training notes, I eeked out a first class on my Combat Fitness Test. Google Marine Corps Combat Fitness test to learn more about that. Guess I'm in better shape than I thought.

That's all I can think of right now, if you are in Okinawa and interested in sitting Zen, look me up. I got a small Zen hall set up and Zafu space available.


Curator said...

I still don't know how to really define "home" if I had to make a stab at it, id say home is the place where you can let all the masks fall away, where you can feel safe and open... plus a good hot shower and your own bed is always nice...

Carol said...

m-m-m-m! Can't help but notice that "parents" are left off the list! What are we? Chopped Liver!
That said, we're so happy you can be "home" with your family--especially for the girls and Megumi! Know they missed you while you were gone and we'd sure like to see you again here in Texas!
Love U! Mom

SlowZen said...

Not bad.

I now dub you chopped liver because you failed to notice that this was an Okinawa centric post, and or that you are not here in Okinawa.

Love you too!

Carol said...

I DID notice it was an Okinawa post! Sorry I can't be there! Wish we could all be together here in Texas!

Sean said...

With respect at your Happy Thanksgiving, Gunney >< It's great to hear the ship's back and all.

Regardless of any possible (and questionably relevant) jokes, I consider that the CFT sounds genuinely impressive. I could like to make a comment in regards to motivation, then, but I'm afraid that it might sound a bit off-color, in some contexts.

US Army has Physical Readiness Training, now. Speaking a little frankly, it reminds me of the commensurate Anatomy/Physiology experts and Math/Science teachers, whom I had the opportunity to know, as one member of the high school track team (hurdles). Not to dishonor any traditions of prior APFT standards, I think it's a step in a good direction, honestly.


SlowZen said...

Thanks Sean.

Thanks for looking!