Zazen notes from the sea

The top rack has no ceiling, so it is ideal for sitting zen at sea. Just watch out for the pipes that are now at head level as you sway back and fourth.

The air zafu is pretty worthless at sea. It is hard enough to balance on the air zafu on dry ground and it offers zero stability on the boat. My rolled up iso mat is a much better support.

Time looses all meaning when you don't see the sun for days at a time.
The frequent change of timezones compounds this. My heart goes out to those submariners.

It will be too hot or too cold.
Deal with it.

Give up any ideas of a quiet place to sit. There are none available.

The Internet, when it works, will have anything not related to sports or work blocked.

Whistles and bells are necessary to signify the start or stop of everything. They must be played at maximum volume over the ships intercom without regard to weather or not you are on a sleep period.

You will be served chicken.

If you complain of foot cramps you will be told to eat a banana.

Bananas will not be available after the first week of the deployment.

Plan time to poop carefully on the upper level there are two toilets for about 300 or so people.

This is not suffering.
This is not not suffering.

The Buddha is speaking from the dharma seat even now.

30 days at sea and the package my wife sent the day I left still has not caught up with me.

Buddhist services will be held at 1500 on Sundays in the chapel lounge. (pssst. This means Zazen, Woot!)

Do not become attached to your own interpretation of the dharma.

Sat with five courageous bags of skin on Saturday. I wonder how many will show up next week?

I GOT MAIL!!! Yay! Yay!
I GOT MAIL!!! Yay! Yay!

I got Tea! Really good tea!
Got good tea, really good tea!
Shubidubi doo, I got a book too.
Huulihulihoo lost my mind too!

Yeah, I should probably edit out that last bit, but it's an honest expression of how great it feels to get mail and also how crappy the tea is on the Essex.

I really respect people with high standards of personal hygiene.
Sure would be pleasant if there were more of them.

Ok, I get the Lotus sutra, and it is being preached even now. Svaha!

I am often surprised by how much reading time I do not have.

One month, ten days since I have been on land. I like land.

Hrmf... I want to go play now.


After nearly two months, Zazen practice finally made it on to the plan of the day. And I did not get a copy. Boo.

Have not updated for a while.

Happy 19th anniversary USMC.
I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. Too bad I can't support the family on a retirement check.

Hello sea turtle. Hope you don't get caught in the screws.

I am not keeping up with this so well.

Post liberty Zazen class, one other person in attendance. A few people apologized for missing it afterward.
I don't understand why.
It isn't about me.

Stayed up late to watch Star Treck on the ships tv. Tried to sleep in this morning but failed.

Well into the third month at sea. I have had four and a half days off.

Happy Birthday USMC. 235 years and still dead sexy.

Rumors of going home early are surfacing like dolphins. Rumors have the potential to subvert morale.

One other body at Zazen today.
Ships movement made Zazen shaky. At least more so than usual.

Brown lettuce has turned to no lettuce.

I am doing a community relations project in Hong Kong.
Painting an orphanage.

Sometimes I have to have a lot of restraint. Most of the time I do.
I see dumb people.

Woah' those are big waves!

Hong Kong: too many people, not enough toilets.

Float will be over soon, may as well send this up.

Typed out with my thumbs on my phone.


gniz said...

Great post, felt a little bit of myself floating at sea, up and down, up and down, as I read it...

Come home soon Jordan!

Uku said...

Thank you for sharing, Jordan!

Your Zazen notes from the sea... ever thinking to write a book? I'm sure you would have a lot to say and your experiences are not so ordinary (and yet, so ordinary!).

Take care over there! I'm glad to read zazen is in your daily life.


Kōgen 光現 Dito-Keith said...

Sending merit your way. Hope you see some daylight soon

oxeye said...

Always good to hear from you Jordan. Hoorah for Steve Jobs. Thanks for taking the time to tap out a phone post. I'm so impressed that a few of you Marines sit zazen at sea. Makes me feel good about my fellow humans.

Watching an old movie.. "On the beach" tonight. It's good but affecting my mood.

Take care.

真行  said...

Thanks for the news! Glad you're finding a few folks to sit with, occasionally anyway.

Buddhamass package for the family goes in the mail today if the line at the post office isn't too long. So you'll have Mud & Water for the next float... though knowing you, you might get to it sooner.


SlowZen said...

Thanks all, we got back early and in time for the thanks giving holiday. So thankful that I did not have to float around in circles in the vicinity of North Korea for an extra month!

Thanks for looking!