Okinawa Zazen Group (meeting notes)

Jordan "風剣" Fountain
沢庵 (The Pug Dog)

Due to all the attendees being present early, a motion was forwarded to begin the sitting early , the motion passed with no objections.

Prior to the first sitting, the Heart Sutra was recited, two typos's were noted in the service book's transcript of the Heart Sutra.

The first sitting began at approximately 0940.
沢庵 did several reverse circumambulations and finally settled on the tatami in the middle of the room and promptly began snoring.

During Kinhin 沢庵 decided to rouse, and left the Zazen hall. It was discovered later that he had gone down stairs to take a dump.

沢庵 Returned for the second sitting, attempted to get onto my lap but decided it was too much trouble to try and locate a spot for himself as the full lotus posture does not seem to be comfortable for him. He did another round of notably noisy reverse circumambulations, perhaps scratching for a bit too, before once again settling into a good snore.

Afterwards gratitude was expressed for the Buddha ancestors and 沢庵 was thanked for joining me for today's sitting.

In reflection, I am grateful for having the opportunity to sit, and have an increased appreciation of how miraculous it is to not only develop the will to the truth, but to come together with those who are like minded.

I take refuge in the Buddha.
I take Refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the Sangha.

Okinawa Saturday Morning Zazen group meetings will continue to be offered to any who are interested in joining, as long as I am here and able.

In veneration to all the Buddha ancestors, and all of those Bodhisattvas that I have met and have yet to meet, Jordan.

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"although we have been making the mistake for a long time—which has deepened into days and deepened into months—of half-learning matters on the periphery of the Buddha-Dharma, this may be the state of the dog that has forcibly entered a concrete skin bag. Though it knowingly commits a deliberate violation, it has the Buddha-nature." - Cross/Nishijima Shobo II

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