More Zen Dialogs

Over the last few days my father was up from Texas and helped mend the fence among other things.

After he left I was trying to complete one of the projects he started and needed the hammer to continue.

I looked in every spot I remembered him working in and a few others I didn't with no luck.
The four year old Zen master (Iris) became interested in what I was doing and I said aloud to myself "If I were grandpa, where would I put the hammer?" Iris then answered "If I were grandpa I wouldn't put the hammer anywhere, I would just relax!"

Later, still looking for the hammer, I asked her again "Iko, where is the hammer?"

She replied "I know!... Its Nowhere!"

Still later. "Iris, have you seen the hammer?" She says: "I don't know where the hammer is so you need to find it yourself."

Wisest of all perhaps though was my wife, who tired of my looking for the hammer which is apparently nowhere, asked the question: "How much is an hour your time worth, and how much does a hammer cost?"


Curator said...

hahaha, that was an awesome/hilarious read:D I actually have 2 hammers because of a similar incident,lol.

Carol said...

Megumi is very wise! I like her solution the best!



oxeye said...

I love a mystery.. That was a good one.

Lauren said...

You are living with some very wise roshi. How far away can enlightenment be?

MyoChi said...

:)...the post gave me a chuckle..I am amazed at your capacity to get things done..you sit zazen, do stuff around the house, go to work...how many of your clones exist!

SlowZen said...

Thanks for the empathy!

Still have not found that hammer, I did get a replacement from Sears the
other day.

Love you too!


Glad you appreciated it.

I think it must be in my eyebrows, that must be why I can't see it!

I love a good chuckle.  And that's what I did when you said your amazed at
my capacity to get things done.  I could use some clones, I'd send one on a
long retreat, have one working on fixing up the house,  one cleaning up and
organizing, have one playing with the kids, and one spending time with the
wife, and another one to go to work!  And as an added bonus I'd have some
good company for my morning and evening sittings!  So much to do! Only one
body to stretch ten thousand directions!  

Thanks for looking!