I get tired of the old koans, here is a new one:

Transmited Zen Teacher (TZT): Bla Bla Bla(say some things that show a lack of effort or interest) could you do this thing for me I am trying to promote myself and I could use some free help. Oh and I have this other famous guy visiting, you should visit too.

Zen Nobody (ZN): [Thinking]Wow, you got the facts about my life wrong. It would be pretty easy to get correct if you were even paying the slightest attention. I feel kind of bad for you sucking so much so I’ll help you out even though I don’t think I like you or what you do. I really want to be polite.

TZT: Thanks for posting that. I saw your comment.

Well, okay. But I think you need to free your mind about what is and is not possible in practice and through Sangha.

Anyway, thank you again,

Gassho, TZT

ZN: Were is my mind?

TZT: Look in the glove compartment

ZN: You suck at Zen.


Lauren said...


Anonymous said...

If someone told me I sucked at zen, I might fall off my zafu laughing.. Nothing is funnier than the truth.

SlowZen said...


Thanks for your empathy.

I appreciate laughter. You also suck at Zen.

Thanks for looking!