Light three joss sticks.
Plant them in the sand one at a time.
Homage to the Buddha
Homage to the Dharma
Homage to the sangha.

Palms together, Bow.

Bow to the little round cushion, again with palms together.
Kids are already sitting.
Sit, start the timer.
Three bells. Bow.

The smallest one gets up and starts hopping around.

Stands behind her sister and does an about face, farts loudly and hops away bouncing about the house.

The bigger one voices her dissatisfaction with the little ones actions.

“Just sit.”

“Daddy can I have a Zazen dako?

“Not yet. “

The little one is still bounding around the house.

“Daddy, Just five minuets left, can I have a Zazen Dako Now?”


Two bells, the small one rushes to her cushion and sits.

Bows together.

“Thank you girls for sitting with me.”

“Can we watch TV now?”


A simple melody on the flute.

Watch the fish swim in the pond.

An e-mail to Mom.

a little blog post.


Unknown said...

Isn't the rhythm of life sweetness!

oxeye said...

Nice writing Jordan.. Thanks for sharing.

Lauren said...

I can't remember the last time I bounced around the house. Seems worth doing. Nice post.

SlowZen said...

Thanks guys,
Like the 4 year old, I was hoping the fart would get a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Zazen Dako--I continually find myself in 'don't know'--what does dako mean? thanks, Ann

Uku said...

Hahhaa, wonderful! Daily life, the essence of practice! Thank you, Jordan!

SlowZen said...

Ann, "dako" is hug. We speak a mixture of bad Japanese and English here.

Uku, yes, may be moment to moment life?

ToBlog today said...

Great little blog post. Love how the girls keep it real. Too cute!

Lauren said...


with best wishes

SlowZen said...

Angelina, Lauren, Thanks!

Thanks for looking!