Last night I effected the plumbing repairs I blogged about yesterday.
I was admittedly intimidated by this project because there was an opportunity to screw my house up big. But like a lot of things, once I set my mind to it it was actually pretty easy... Well once I had the appropriate hardware anyway.
Afterwords something cued that jingle in my head, you know the one... "I can do anything you can do better I can do anything better than you."

In the pictures above you can see the old welds that the original installer had used to put the pipes in. I understand that this was a common practice in the 6o's, but my house was built in 91. Anyway the replacement fixture is a Moen. It should outlast me.

This week I have been trying to sleep in until 0600 since Monday and have not gotten up after 0530 yet. Even when I stayed up passed my bedtime. Most of the time I am still getting up around 0500 or earlier. I guess I'm fine with that.

Nella Lou over at the Enlightenment Ward Blog tagged me with the "Honnest Scrap Award."

These are the rules for acceptance :
1. List 10 honest things about yourself, hopefully interesting.
2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers.

Here are my 10 honest things about myself:

1. I know you and I are enlightened.
2. I suspect you may have doubts about that.
3. I think that is OK.
4. I have no idea what I am going to be doing after October 22nd 2011.
5. My wife knows exactly how to show me how much I still need practice.
6. Other peoples messes (see number five) bother me, but I am usually OK with my own.
7. I think of my messes as works in progress.
8. I like to work projects through to completion, see next...
9. I have a lot of incomplete projects, off the top of my head: making zafu(s), Kesas for the whole family, finishing off a pile of PVC flutes, Making Mini Shakuhachi(s) for the girls, Finishing off the floor in the house, painting the house, putting new molding up around the new floor, fixing the fixture for the main bath, landscaping and cleaning up the yard, getting a degree, the list could go on.
10. May first 2009 marks my tenth year as a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and I am not sure if that bothers me anymore. I think I may finally be neutral to it.

OK, now on to tagging the seven bloggers, NellaLou picked a few I would have tagged. I suppose I could just say my whole blog role but it would take more time than I have right now so this is not all inclusive and not in any particular order, and mostly based on how often you update...

1. Mike Hinsley Author of "Mike's Musings" I think of Mike as a brother from another mother.

2. Mike Cross Who's writings have often had a profound effect on my own practice.

3. Will Simpson Another kindred spirit along the way. We used to share a nice commentary on The Song Of Freedom together. He has got a cool blog going right now that I don't comment on very often but think I should...

4. Margie from the Sweetpersimmion Blog. She expresses Zen through the way of tea a heck of a lot better than most of the so called zen teachers I have met.

5. Lauren from Whitebelt Zen, Persevere brightly!

6. Mumon from Notes in Samsara, Even though he may be a bit of a socialist, he seems OK.

7. Chaplin Shin from the Buddhist Military Sangha Blog, Thanks for your efforts Chaplin!

8. Teb Bringer of the Dogen and Shobogenzo Blog and The Flatbed Sutra Blog. This guy drove half way across the state of Washington to have a some tea, try figure out how to get a flute to blow Ro, give me a book and buy me dinner! Heck of a guy!

9. and I almost forgot about the unforgettable Barry Brigs, daily updates from a Bodhisattva teacher from the Korean Zen tradition.

Ok, I know I left someone folks out; so sorry. And I should give honorable mentions to my Mom and Cousin Bruce, and yes you can count that as a tag guys, but they are family and I am not sure about that whole nepotism thing...

On to today's sitting, pretty much as usual, just me and ZMH again. ZMI got up as I was getting ready to go out the door and said she wanted to sit with us but did not want to get out of bed. Ahhh the horns of dilemma.


sweetpersimmon said...


Thank you for the Honest Scrap award. I will try to live up to that.


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w00t! I'm famous

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