Due to a problem with Firefox not working on my network anymore I am experimenting with e-mail blogging. This is the first post of this kind I have tried and if it fails I most likely wont be blogging very often. But relax, if your seeing this it worked.

Sadly this issue means I won't be responding to comments via the blog or even commenting on other blogs anymore but if you can figure out my e-mail address (pssst... don't forget to delete the spam trap) and you need a response from me just send it via e-mail. I really do appreciate two way communication and having a feedback loop so don't be shy!

I finished off the kitchen floor there are a few gaps I will have to put a custom filler in but the main areas in the house are now uniformly floored. It looks like I have enough materials left over to do the computer room so that will be worked on over the next couple of weekends. But not this one...

This weekend and through Tuesday I will be back on the rifle range. I checked out my M-4 carbine yesterday complete with the advanced combat optical gun sight. I have never shot this weapon or used anything but iron sights so this will be a good time.

While out in the field I will be packing minimally but I plan on bringing my phone (first time I have ever brought a personal cell phone to the field ever!) But it will be turned off most of the time. I may take some pictures and send some to twitpics time and appropriateness permitting.

I am also bringing along my air zafu, that should make a nice pillow which is another luxury I have always gone without when living in the field. And yeah, I still do ZAZEN in the field, I am that much of a zealot.

The last few years I have brought out my flute but never played it out there. I am unsure weather or not I will bring it along this year or not. I suppose I will figure that out while I am packing.

Still just ZMH and I for the morning sittings lately. Hopefully the rest of the household is reborn in the pure land of cushion squashing soon.

Out here.

Thanks for looking!