Over the weekend I finaly got around to spending my tax return. Finly replaced the venerable TV that served us since 1996 and had survived both an international trip and a few cross country trips along with several local area moves. But it had to go. most of the time it wouldn't even show a picture anymore and that was kind of the point. Anyway like most things on the replacement, (which I argued against and lost) we went big. Real big. At least it is not deep.

We also got a new floor deciding to do the labor ourselves so as to be able to afford the obnoxiously large screened TV. Or at least we got the planks to put a new floor down in most of the house. I will likely have to take some leave soon to actually get this done because the nature of the way the planks lock in together you can't do the hall without doing the kitchen without doing the living room. We tried to do the hall before discovering this. Oops.

This morning's sitting was kind of different. The first sitting was not as settled as I have become kind of accustomed too. Stupid popular song kept bubbling up. "I wish you would step off of that ledge my friend." For the record, that is just not really the kind of tunes I listen to. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

ZMH and the wife joined for the second sitting. I tried to wake ZMI since she scolds me and will even punch people when we don't; but she refused to get up. She must have woken up around the time of the closing bell and I asked her why she did not get up for sitting and she said "BECAUSE I WAS SLEEPING!" Fair enough.

Alot of catching up to do at the office. Desk needs to get cleaned off too.


Anonymous said...

Are ZMH and ZMI your kids? And they participate in sitting? Who old are they and how did you make them join you?
*Feeling a bit envious*

SlowZen said...

Yes, they are and they do. They are four and six. They started sitting with me sporadically either doing lap zen or sitting beside me every now and then. Then one day the older one started telling me to make sure I wake her up for ZAZEN.

I don't think it is a good idea to try and make anyone sit with me. I tried that approach a few years ago with my wife and it totally backfired. I just gently invite them with no expectations or pressure. It is up to them weather they want to sit or not. Whoever wants to is always welcome. They just have to keep my hours...

Thanks for looking!