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From Gregory:

Actually, yes, and I would want the military to openly disregard the orders of its generals too, when those orders are to invade a nation that never threatened us in the least bit like Iraq. As I see it, this is all about honor, and the individual soldier dishonors him or herself by following criminal and immoral orders without question.


 _/|\_ Gregory


 My Response:



Fortunately for the rest of us, we live in a nation of laws.  If you would like to challenge those laws please take it up with the judicial branch of the government.


Who decides what is moral or immoral?  This is conventionally outlined in both civil and military law. 


Clearly there are some orders that I would not follow and or would question, but in my view I have never been ordered to do anything that I have a moral problem with and I have certainly never been personally issued an illegal order as defined by the uniform code of military justice, which is the set of laws that governs the military.



oxeye said...

Hi Jordan,

I'm sure Gregory isn't the first to wonder about your military life. I'll bet a few Marines have been curious about your Zen life too.
I think your answering our questions about how it all comes together is a valuable service. It might help us all appreciate each other better. So thanks.. :)

~ J

Yamakoa said...


Very Interesting. I for one (certainly not the only one) thank you for your service. By opening your heart and taking the time to share your perspective with said individual and the rest of us, the conditions are being created for the possibility of a more harmonious understanding (that sounded so hippyish, argh). Although my story is different from yours, I struggled with a very similar question. I have found some resolution. I hope you can continue to be patient with the inquires and I hope those that come forward with the questions come genuinely seeking understanding.

Keep on doing what your doing,

SlowZen said...

Hey Jeff,

No not the first, but I have a hard time processing his manners.
Marines are typically quite polite, even if/when they are ready to kill. So it is good to get out of my comfort zone.

Glad your appreciating the dialog.



Thanks for your efforts, the dialog has pretty much settled on the "Legality" of the Iraq invasion. I look at the legislation and see that the lawmakers made it legal. and Gregory is looking at the opinions and commentaries of intellectuals and calling it illegal.

Much bla bla bla and I am not sure the conversation is much of an aid to rooting out and extinguishing suffering anymore.

Oh well.

Thanks for looking!