The pain in my head got so bad yesterday that I went to the acute care clinic yesterday afternoon. The prescribed some antibiotics and 800mg Motrin (Ibuprofen.)

Ibuprofen, affectionately known as “vitamin M” in the Marines, turns out to be quite effective at dulling the pain caused by “Acute sinusitis.” I think this is something everyone who suffers from sinus pain should know about. Really wish I had known about it on Friday, but oh well.

This morning I did morning office at 0415 and ZMH Joined me for the second sitting. The offer was extended to the PoC and the wife but they declined to join.

The first sitting was visited by some stray thoughts of the “Sara Conner Chronicles”. I don’t even like that show. Weird. Second sitting was again more settled, attention flowing inward than outward, kind of nice I guess.

Regarding Gregory, these were my last comments to him:

Serving with honor has nothing to do with our elected officials.
It deals with real matters of life and death on the battlefield and personal conduct. I hope you can open your heart to that.

So it is not a matter of cognitive dissonance but a matter of it being a non-issue. I have no say over what our elected officials do weather I agree with it or not. It simply dose not matter. I do not want to imagine living in a country where the military could openly disregard the orders of its elected civilian government do you?

I have not heard from him since.

Staff meeting this morning, Joy!


Barry said...

Great response to Gregory - and helpful to me, as well.

Lauren said...


I am sorry for your acute pain, and glad that you found relief.

Your comment about military brought a corollary thought to my mind. We are all part of this democracy and have equal responsibility in it. If I have issue with the military that I think is significant and grave, it is my responsibility to take it up in my civilian "chain of command", not to fault a soldier for following their command.

What a scary country this would be if soldiers responded *directly* to presidential orders, or even to those of blogging civilians!

SlowZen said...

Barry, Lauren,
Thanks for your comments, see latest post for an update.

Thanks for looking!