Sorry about the lack of posts the last few days.  I blame windows vista and the Crossroads inn at Quantico.  

Air zafu was not as stable as a buckwheat or kapok zafu.  Not a big surprise.  Still the air zafu was good to go and I recommend it for traveling.  I also did not experience leg sleepiness while using it.  Just make sure you only inflate it about half way or so or you will be really wobbly...  actually,  that could probably be fun too.  

My sinus infection came back and I got another round of antibiotics.  I remember what I lived a much less healthy lifestyle I used to never get sick.  oh well.   my ear has a water level whatever that means. I know airplane travel was more painful than usual so I guess the sinus infection is not something that is good to travel cross country with.

Whole family sat together once again.  The kids were a bit rambunctious but I think that is to be expected.  Guess I get to get dragged out of the house again by the family...  I just want to stay home!


Diomedies said...

Ah! I used to have the same problem with airplanes and pain. if your nose is clear enough to do Pranayama when you wake up or before the plane ride it becomes more bearable. Just an idea. :)

Carol said...

Glad you made it home safely.



Curator said...

Wow, you made it through a plane ride with a sinus infection? Definitely not fun... I heard plane rides can worsen sinus infections, or at the very least make you feel like they've worsened,lol...

Uku said...

Glad you make it back safely. Air zafu, great idea! Can you tell me a little bit of more what kind of zafu is that; I mean is it "zafu" or some beach toy? Usually when I'm traveling I'm carrying my zafu with me but as you know, it's not so convenient way.

Sinus infections can be pretty nasty. It's very common infection to me too, at least couple of times per year. Cool.

Take care, man! Hope you're getting better soon!

oxeye said...

Jordan - Glad you are back. Did the girls continue to sit while you were away? I Hope the worst of your sinus problems are behind you..

SlowZen said...

Thanks for the tip, I might give that shot if I ever travel with a sinus infection again.


Thanks! Love you too.

In this case they gave my ear a water level I don't exactly know what that means but I can say that it is uncomfortable.

The air zafu is available through these folks if you want to check it out.

I am now on day three after the second round of antibiotics and I must say i think I am starting to feel better now. Thanks!


Hannah, sat every day while I was gone. She occasionally convinced the rest of the family to sit with her too. I am feeling better already thanks!

All, thanks for your comments!

Thanks for looking!