Woke up early (around 0300) in order to send an e-mail to an acquaintance who appears to be fully realizing the first noble truth.

When I went to the living room for the first sitting and found it was a mess so I conducted a furious clean up effort before morning office.

I noted I had a hard time settling down.

Had a nice breakfast of nato (fermented soybeans) and rice and some tea.

I went to ZMH’s room to ask her if she wanted to sit but left quickly and she started crying “Daddy I want to sit with you” from her bed; I had already left for the living room.
This woke up her mother and they both came to the hall together.

Second sitting I was able to settle down despite the wife’s squirming, coughing, and clockwatching on the zafu.

I tried to give her some constructive criticism after sitting before I left for work. I told her how she is on the zafu is exactly how she is.

Hugs, kisses, and tea to go.

Back to listening to Ajan Bram on the morning drive to work.

Today I have to reconcile my consolidated memorandum of receipt with the supply section. It is kind of a sore spot for me. Time for work practice.

I may try and do a book review during lunch break.


Barry said...

Jordan, I love this line:

"Today I have to reconcile my consolidated memorandum of receipt with the supply section."

Isn't this how it is for most of us, most of the time?

We try so hard to balance our books ("I'll give you this much, if you give me that much." And, "If you don't give me what I want, you won't get anything from me!")

I understand that the Marines want everything to balance. But in our everyday life, maybe we could be a little more willing to flux with the flow.

Maybe I could try that...

SlowZen said...

Hey Barry,
It is not so much that the Marines want everything to balance. It is more like everything WILL balance when we are done with it.

Sometimes this takes special tools, weather it be a command voice, or a request for investigation...

I have a tendency to go against the stream on things. But at least I smile allot!

Thanks for looking!