98662 ZaZen with the cat.

A new Zafu and Zabuton set arrived last night and I gave it a couple of test sittings last night. It is stuffed pretty full with buckwheat hulls and has almost twice the height I am accustomed too. It also seems a bit more firm.
No magical powers of better blood circulation to the legs when sitting full lotus, although I did go straight to the numb foot without the usual Pins and needles warning. That was different.

Whole family seems to be down with the flu. Boo.
So it was just the cat and I for sitting this morning.
Although I did feed him prior to sitting down I suppose he was feeling neglected.

He even came back for the second sitting after tea and breakfast.

The sitting area has been moved from the office to the living room so as to have room for all the cushions. Now if I can only convince the wife to get rid of the TV/entertainment canter and couch…

Supposed to be getting a functional area inspection at work today... Joy!


TMC said...

We're lucky to have a separate altar room but I would LOVE it if we could get rid of the big tv & sofa in the living room.

Anonymous said...

Does a cat have buddha-nature?


Yamakoa said...

Good luck trying to pull that off.
Hu Rah!!!!!

SlowZen said...


Thanks for stopping in!

Mike H,

A cat no, my cat yes.


May be need more than luck I think.

Thanks for looking!