98662 ZaZen till you puke!

This morning I snuck out of bed and deliberately did not wake the kids, I did try and stir the wife but all I got was some grumbling.

Some coughing from the other room, but only the cat sitting with me.
Three minuets till two bells there was a presence over my left shoulder.
Like that feeling you may get when you know there is a monk behind you with a big stick. Thwack!”DAH~DY, YOU NEED TO GIVE ME THE COLD MEH~DE~SIN!”

The Princess of Chaos (PoC) was up and angry. Bows to the wall, Zafu, Buddha, and to the PoC; appropriate time for breakfast anyway.

So We go to the kitchen, Raisin bran for breakfast. We eat quietly after the five reflections. I finish first and observe the PoC eating only the bran flakes and avoiding the raisins. You should eat the raisins sweetheart. “I don like it raisins.” Try? “Un Uh”
Would you like daddy to feed you? “Uh Hu” Close your eyes and open your mouth….
Was that good? “Uh huuuu” see; raisins are good! (smiles) Breakfast complete and back to the Zafu, the PoC wakes up her big sister “HANNAH, YOU HAVE TO GET UP FOR ZAZEN!” hmm, subtle. Sleepy eyed six year old takes her place on the Zafu beside me. The PoC on a butterfly pillow. Bells and bows. 20 minuets in they get up, Hannah says “I’m Done” and the PoC gets up too, both with the appropriate bows. The kindergartner goes back to bed, The PoC goes to the bathroom to vomit. I thought she had been really still during this morning sitting…Guess the raisins weren’t that good after all.. Mom is up to the rescue, than sits till the bell. Bows, kisses hugs, a pot of tea to go. Ajan Bram on the podcast today. Nice comments on the blog. Work!


Barry said...

Thanks for sharing the chaos. Very familiar!

Yamakoa said...

Thanks for another peek. Your post reminded of the Chaos Theory. Talk about puking.

I hope your little girl feels better.


SlowZen said...


Happy to share! there is plenty to go around!




Thank you for the well wishes for the PoC.

Uku said...

Thank you for sharing. Ah, ordinary family life, daily life, what a lovely practice! :)

SlowZen said...

Thanks Uku!

Thanks for looking!