Click the link below and laugh, cry, or vomit a little bit in the back of your thought like I did.

I do think it should be read by anyone interested in the perception some people may have about Buddhism and why.

Book Review: From Buddha To Jesus, An Insider's View of Buddhism and Christianity

I am starting to get the feeling I should write a book, any offers to be my editor? Mostly you will have to change dose to does allot.


Unknown said...

Based on my own experience and that of my many Western Buddhists friends I would say that the main reasons Westerners reject Christianity are, in order of importance, (1) the contradictions between Christianity and science, (2) logical and ethical problems with the idea of God, (3) Christianity's record of intolerance, (4) perceived Christian hypocrisy, and (5) having had negative experiences with Christians or with churches.

About sums it up for me.

There is a lot of miss information about Buddhism out there. This looks like some of the worst. The problem has to do with thinking. So many humans feel the must believe their thoughts. This makes it so easy for them to be manipulated by others and by their own delusion.

It is so sad that many will read this book (referred to in the post) and take it a the truth. Then paint all of Buddhism with it. So sad.

I say this as someone who can speak from experience. My practice and sangha has helped me wake up just enough from this dream to see the unreality of thoughts. I can only vow to help others.

SlowZen said...

Will, thanks for your comments. I do not know if posting this review up will actually change anyones mind. But I still think it is important to get the word out.

Lauren said...


I must be missing something?! I read much of the review. The reviewer is saying the writer really doesn't know what he's writing about.

Is there something more important than that going on?

Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

Ugh, just another one of those books written by evangelical Christians to be read by other evangelical Christians on how to evangelize Buddhists >(

Who they really want to target are Buddhists from families that are nominally Buddhist, occasional temple-goers but who don't know much else. As a temple minister, I knew alot of Buddhist families who had members who converted, because they had no doubt well-meaning Christian friends who could explain and share their faith. During my last underway I talked with a young Sailor who was raised Thai Buddhist, but who had no idea what was going on at the temple. He was stunned when I recited and told him what the Vandana Ti-Sirana meant - he had heard it all his life, but just assumed they were "nonsense syllables" the monks chanted. No one had ever bothered to explain it to him.

AWARENESS, everyone! That's their target group! If we have some knowledge of Buddha-dharma, don't be afraid to share it with others! Be open about your faith!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the author actually spent any time on the cushion.

SlowZen said...

Lauren, Yeah it is pretty much like that.

Chaplin Shin, Big affirmative to the awareness thing, I am doing my part behind the lines.

Molly, I don't know, but it seems likely. I spent most of my life with a kind of background Buddhism not to much unlike Chaplin Shin alluded to in Her comment. Ignorance is not bliss.

Carol said...


I definitely think you should write a book!



SlowZen said...

Mom, are you volunteering to be my editor?

Garlic Sage said...

Hi All,
Venerable Dhammika did a comprehensive book review on this.

The author is very angry and see this:

Here's another review by Bhikkhu Aggacitto.

For someone who is new to Buddhism, please read this:

May all be well and happy !

SlowZen said...

Thank you for the links.

Thanks for looking!