From Robet Aitkin

I picked this out of the comments section of Robert Aitkin's Blog.

"Care too has Karma. Choose care and the Buddha will smile."

That impacted me in a nice way.


Uku said...

Nice one. Kind of reminder from Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. Choose life. :)

Barry said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to communicate in this way with Aitken Roshi!? He's so generous to us...

SlowZen said...

Uku, I have never seen Trainspoting, but yes, i try and choose life.

yes, a great opportunity indeed. But I also think it is wonderful to talk this way to all my friends in the Dharma. They are so generous to me...

Yamakoa said...

I am thankful for this little virtual sangha. You have all contributed to my life. Thank you for caring and putting it out there.

I will admit, that I share barry's sentiment. Few if any authors write with the poetic clarity as Aitkens. His ability to explain the dharma is exceptional. When you couple this with his broad background and his poetic sensibilities we have on our hands, a teacher for all generations.

Take care my friend,

SlowZen said...


Thanks for your comments.

No doubt Aitkin Roshi has left a lasting impression on a lot of people, and I am grateful for his efforts.

MyoChi said...


You are the best! Thank you for posting this. I was sooooo happy to find Roshi's blog.

In Gassho

SlowZen said...

MyoChi, I am so happy to have facilitated your finding Roshi's blog.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Good eye/ear Jordon. Roshi Aitken's sly sense of the Dharma sometimes jumps out in odd places or only with multiple readings. One of my favorite books is Zen Master Raven is like this.

"Care too has Karma." So wonderful.

SlowZen said...

Will, Zen Master Raven is one that stands out to me as well.

Thank you for your comments,

Thanks for looking!