No, not "Just Like" but there are similarities.

Only this time it is three years of sobriety!

My intentions from last year:

For this revolution around the sun I intend to be credit debt free.
Failed! I was credit debit free for a couple of months, but I have taken on a new car payment. I am still able to pay off the cards month to month, so that is doing better, but it is tenuous at best.
This year? It is not realistic to think I will pay off the minivan this year, or for the next few years, but I intend to not to let the cards gain interest.
I've also begun an additional rainy day account for retirement with the intention of having funds set aside enough to cover two mortgage payments after retirement, not enough to survive off of right now, but I am diverting the balance of the annual Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) cost of living adjustment(about 3% of the BAH) to go to this account, and intend to do that for the rest of this career. It still wont be "Enough", but is it ever?

Return to regular shakuhachi practice.
Fail! I did well for a while then dropped off in the fall about the same time as last year.
This year? I will make this resolution again.

Get in a few more Shakuhachi lessons.
This did not happen.
This year? It is a luxury that is out of reach right now.

Cling less and let go more.
I am clinging less to clinging less and have let go of letting go more.
For this year I will seek to inhibit the negative chatter that can foul my brain housing unit from time to time by way of analysis and contemplation.

May this next revolution find you all well and happy


Uku said...

Right here, right now! I only promise to keep on practicing right now, right here.

With palms together,

Barry said...

Best wishes for a joyous new year. May we all attain enlightenment together!


SlowZen said...

Previous comment deleted...


Yes, right here and now I am practicing the annual budget. Requires investigation of the past and some speculation on the future.

I would settle for waking up to my delusions right now... Have an enlightening new year together with all sentient beings.

Thank you both for your practice!

Uku said...


yes, I agree. What we do right now is past and future at the same time. Lovely paradox. ;)

Thank you, take care, dharmabro!

Mike Cross said...

"Seeking to inhibit negative chatter"?

I will join you in that.

Happy New Year,


Lauren said...


Congrats on sobriety! I've resolved to be more sober this year (Gosh, what baggage that line has in it!).

Failed?!? - too harsh. "Not yet achieved 'this year'" perhaps. Who's keeping score on these 'failures?'

It's odd...Xeno's paradox and some Aikido instruction I got years ago come to mind... move to the right path by half, half, half... Xeno say's we'll never get there at that rate. Aikido says you must always focus on the 'heading there' not the 'arriving.'

A phrase that keeps popping up when I need a little extra... Persevere Brightly, my friend.


SlowZen said...

Be carefree!



Thank you, glad to have met you along the way.



Rest assured when I write of myself "Fail" I am doing it with a smile.

Incidentally; today I have been reading a book from novice to master, an ongoing lesson in the extent of my own stupidity While it is mostly biographical; it is in a way all about the process of heading there, or the means whereby.

I am reading it like a child might go through cotton candy. It is sticky sweet and gone to quickly. But oh so enjoyable while it lasts.

Persevere brightly!

Thank you all for your fellowship!

Mumon K said...

Paperwork. I get to do more paperwork this year.

Yamakoa said...


Happy Revolution!
Thank you for sincere effort. I guess you must be doing something right when the Dalai Lama, Buddha and Jesus are following you along the way.

Take care and a prosperous new year.

SlowZen said...

Yes, me too!



Thank you for the well wishes!

I hope this revolution finds you well and happy, content and free from suffering.....

But, hope is not a method so you better start working at it!

Keep up your great works,

MyoChi said...

There you go Jordan!! - "clinging less to clinging less and have let go of letting go more", you hit the nail on the head...:) As for me,no new year resolutions this year. I am going to try to "flow" with life and see where I end up.


Carol said...

Congratulations, Jordan, on three years of sobriety! Isn't it a blessing to be able to see more and more clearly every day! To appreciate just being on a day to day basis--the ups and downs without chemical intervention.

Thanks for posting that on this blog!



SlowZen said...

Thank you for the kind words and best wishes for going with the flow!

With Metta,


Yes! I have missed too much already and appreciate the clarity!


Uku said...

Hi Jordan,

could you please send me your postal address to my email: mahdollinen.tie@gmail.com

I promised to send you some Finnish chocolate. :)

Take care, Dharmabro.

With palms together,

SlowZen said...

MMMMMM Chocolate!

Uku said...

Got your email, thanks, mate!

Thanks for looking!