Warning: This post contains a high level of Snark.

OK, I have another tea I would like to post a review on, but first I want to discuss a bit what makes a tea, uh, not so tasty or fit for human (or demon) consumption in my book.

I call it the Spit Wad System™. To explain how I came up with this system is pretty easy and should just require a little nostalgia going back to grade school (or high school for a few slow developers like me) and recalling the flavor of the blue lined sheets of paper that were used for ammunition for the straw spit wad shooter that provided for hours of entertainment and the occasional detention. If you are unfamiliar with that flavor you could also find it by going to the school supply section of your local market and buying some of the lined paper for students (college ruled spiral paper is fine too) and either chewing on it or even brewing it as tea (might need some super hot water though.) You can also get a pretty good understanding of this flavor by drinking just about any of the varieties of Maeda-en™tea, so far every tea I have sampled from that company has all brought back the nostalgia of spitball wars.

I am also considering a Dirt Clod System™ but I really don’t drink that much KuKi-Cha.

Hope you find this helpful in future tea reviews,


Uku said...

Hahhaa, Mr. Teaman! Great post! :)

Gregor said...

Hey Jordon,

Can you reccomend an awesome white tea for me?

SlowZen said...




I know nothing about White Tea. So I can not make any recommendation to you on that right now. you might ask Eric though: Me and My Tea

Good luck!

Alia said...

Is there any good green tea you can recommend that would taste good on a chilly winter night?
Thanks, Alli

SlowZen said...

I would not if I wanted to sleep... I would actual go for a chamomile or the sleepy time tea. I tend to try and hit the rack early and green tea at night can prevent me from getting a restful sleep, so I tend to cut off consumption no later than three in the afternoon.

However; if i were to be doing an all night ZaZen and wanted to stay up throughout the night then I would go with Either "My Green Tea" Or SA Sencha, maybe dusted with some Matcha.

Hope you find that helpful,

Thanks for looking!